Whats New!

Even with the soft economy, ROBERTSHAWRACING continues with our Arrive and Drive program for 2017, featuring two f1000 Open Wheel race cars and even more exciting is, TheRaceRoom which offers virtual racing by the hour, driver training, series racing, team building, in 4 full motion racing simulators of extremely high quality! The place is getting […]

The Race Room Winter Race Series will now be posting a 10 minute highlight reel and the 40 minute race 2 days post race. We are trying new video capture software so be patient. The SW is pretty good, it will take you from on track battles to off track incidents, continuous track position updates […]

Recently we had Breakfast TV Calgary come in and do a spot on The Race Room. Mike Yawney “The Gadget Guy” from BTV and his ace camera man Nick Blakeney came in and did a great job in sharing with their viewers just whats happening in Calgary! Their feature is broken up into 4, 3 […]

Hello, well its been sometime since the web site was active. we shut it down while we were reconsidering just what racing in Western Canada was going to look like after losing our only Road Racing Track, The Edmonton Downtown Airport track also known as the Edmonton Indy Track. so racing in western Canada is […]