Virtual Series Racing

Virtual Series Racing is waiting for you at The Race Room.

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Start off with a free 90 day membership to iRacing. Once registered your first step on the iRacing graduated licensing program begins. That’s right, your FIRST step. We cant say it better than iRacing so click on the link below to see what race cars, what tracks, what type of racing you can do and how the race licensing program and series racing works, work across the drop down menus near the top, from left to right to get a full insight into virtual racing and race training;

What we can say is you will not find better racing competition or bang for your racing buck anywhere! Full stop! We know, we race real world race cars as well as iRacing. In fact, recently we had one race driver from real world racing tell us that are selling their race equipment and will race virtually only. WHY…. its simple, cost, excitement, types of race cars that can be raced without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on cars, set up gear, trailers, crew and travel costs. And of course being located in Calgary, the closet race track is an 8 hour tow one way. Fact is racing real world race cars is expensive, car preparation, gearing up, costs, costs costs. they never seem to end.

At The Race Room, we put you in real, professional grade racing simulators, we teach you how to drive a race car racing sim, we teach car control, race craft within the iRacing platform. Car set up, tweaks and some real world racing tips and techniques. Please DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE the intensity of virtual racing. Virtual racing is intense, its physically demanding, mentally demanding. Imagine if you will for a moment, a 3 hour session, consisting of 1 hour practice, 30 minute qualifying session and a 1.5 hour race…. in an F1 race car! I can guarantee you, you will be mentally and physically exhausted. Exhilarated but exhausted. About the only things you have left is money in your pocket when compared to real world racing and just as big a smile on your face as real world racing brings!

So come on down to The Race Room, have a look, book a few hours in one of our racing simulators, it will be the best value $100 you have ever invested in your racing pursuits.