The Simulators


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Formula/Open Wheel

Our world class Professional grade racing simulators are all assembled in house using only the highest quality real world racing components for the closest possible immersion to Real World Racing. With the absence of “G” force in simulation, it is critical that all other aspects of the immersion be as close to “Real World” as possible.

With all of our simulators, you get the correct seat for the type of simulator you will be driving, the correct seating position, the correct brakes and brake positions in the foot box as they would be in the real world race car. The Field of View has to be correct, there can be no flex in the foot box when applying the brakes, our chassis don’t flex.

We are Real World race car guys providing what we know and feel to be the best components that should be in your simulator, with what we feel offers the best immersion, we are not gamers, we are not inexpensive, we are quality.

Our simulators will not disappoint!

In fact, we believe that our simulators will give you the best quality immersion possible for under 100K. And unlike real world racing, when you crash, you press the Re-Finance Button versus actually going back to your sponsors to Re-Finance your race effort!

We can tailor a custom made simulator for most all racing disciplines that can fit your budget.


Grand Touring/ GT


Stock Car

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