Grand Touring / GT


The Grand Touring (GT) simulator features:

– Fast Track Sims GT chassis

– Carbon Kevlar seat by Cobra UK giving the correct GT ergonomic seating position (other high quality racing seats available upon request)








– F1 steering wheel force feedback servo motors








– Authentic GT-3 steering wheel with carbon fiber shift paddles (other wheels available on request)





– Hydraulic 3 pedal set with proper GT car pedal spacing (optimized for heel & toe technique),with MOTEC brake and clutch pressure sensors, drive by wire throttle, 6061 Aluminum floor plate






– 6+1 speed shifter, sequential lever (and gated shifters available upon request)

– Driver cooling system

2015-01-17 04.34.31




– Full motion D-BOX 3 DOF motion actuators.

– External, 5.1 surround sound system (optional)

– Light weight, high fidelity audiophile quality headsets


And rather than list the CPU and Screen specification we will say this. This world changes almost every 3 months, we use the best CPU specs that are required to do the job, no cheesy bits or components, the best parts and a screen(s) will be selected at the time we are about to go live with your sim. We will find you screens that will give you the best quality immersion at the time of your build and are within your budget.