Team Building/ Private Parties

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So, its 2015, you need to come up with a fresh idea for Team Building, Customer Thank You’s and so on. You’re getting tired of Best Ball Tourneys, Fishing, Paintball, Bowling and the like.

Look no further, The RACE ROOM is Canada’s newest destination for Team Building, Customer thank you’s and private functions.

Team Building / Group format; Your Racing experience starts with a drivers meeting and facility / simulator equipment tour 15 minutes before sim racing orientation. Sim racing orientation takes about 40 minutes. Once completed, its RACE DRIVERS to the simulators! We run a Le Mans style team racing format. All drivers practice, qualify and race. All race team members get 2 practice stints, 1 qualify stint and 1 race stint. Total time driving per race driver is approximately 80 minutes.

Action starts right away with the team’s first driver (as selected by the race team) stepping into the race simulator cockpit and the race day has begun. All simulators run a “Real Time” Data screen overhead that displays all sector times, lap delta. MPH / KPH sector delta, # of laps and fuel consumption for each stint. Post-practice, race team members calculate the correct amount of fuel required for each driver coming into their qualifying stint (excess fuel is slower lap times) to ensure no time is left on the track.

Once qualifying is done and the fastest race driver has been awarded pole position, race cars are placed on the starting grid in the position they finished in qualifying, fastest car on the pole. Within seconds the correct fuel is calculated by the race team drivers #2 and #3. Once the correct amount of fuel has been added the car sits on the starting grid, red lights are lit and race driver #1 is awaiting the green flag. Within a minute or so the red lights go green and you are racing. 20 minutes later a driver change, a fuel calc, add the fuel and race driver #2 leaves the pits for their 20 minute stint. Race and repeat for drivers 3 and 4. And please, don’t be intimidated by doing fuel calculations and so on, you will have a qualified sim technician at your sim side to ensure your race goes down without a problem. All you and your team need to do is race and have fun!

Post-race, all teams are invited to attend a race recap in the Parc Ferme Gallery to review the race on our two Samsung Series 8 55” gallery screens. A little bench racing, some dissing and some boasting are the typical experiences in Parc Ferme’ (our lounge Gallery) and of course a ton of laughs.

So if your choices for Team Building or Customer Thank You programs are getting a little stale, a little “Oh great, another best ball, more of the same” then The RACE ROOM can change that for you and your company. CALL US TODAY @ 403-460-6775 TO BOOK YOUR NEXT FUNCTION!

Catering can be provided from many of Calgary’s more notable restaurants, just check with us and we will see what we can do for you. Adult beverages can be consumed and we look after all the permitting on your behalf if need be. And as an added bonus we are open on evenings and weekends so we can pretty much look after even the trickiest scheduling requirements.



(And finally, if any of this seems confusing…..please don’t be, we look after you, we want you and your group to have the best time ever. Fuel calcs… no worries, add the fuel, its easy, we will be there to ensure you have simply the best time ever)