REXING SIM RACING Wheels are a true high-end sim racing component. REXING gives great attention to detail and provides you, our Race Driver with a fully functional / Formula / Gt wheel display complimented by molded carbon fiber wheel body, molded shift paddles with solid tactile feedback from every up shift and every down shift. REXING clutch paddles offer the race driver the ability to “Hand” the clutch to which ever hand the race drivers prefers to use to launch the race car. They give the Race Driver the ability to slip the clutch with little to no rear wheel spin when the red lights go out!

In addition, the REXING SIM RACING Wheel can easily be fitted to the high end Force Feed Back servo solutions such as Sim Steering / Bodnar, ECCI Track Star 7000 and the Sim Experience ACCUFORCE . Back of the formula wheel features a Robust circular USB connector. It can be used to connect the wheel to your PC externally with the provided coiled USB cable. Alternatively, the REXING SIM RACING Wheel can also be connected to your PC internally, with quick release connector and wiring, or with hard mount internal wiring (some models).

REXING SIM RACING Wheels can also be used as used as an “add on” wheel for PC games and simulations. If you already own a steering wheel (e.g. Logitech G25 and G27, ThrustMaster R500).


If you are a sim racing enthusiast who is looking for the best “REAL WORLD” experience from a sim racing wheel…. LOOK NO FURTHER!

REXING SIM RACING Wheels, WE are the real deal!


Click on the REXING BASIC software download link to access REXING Basic;

Rexing Basic Software Download